advantages and values


Convenient location of the Center

Video monitoring through the Center territory

Teachers with a specialized university

The atmosphere of trust, love, and
respect to the child's personality

Comfortable modern prеmіsеs with safe
certified educational materials and toys








This is a modern early childhood development center, where an atmosphere of friendship, trust, and respect to children prevails.

With the help of our experienced teachers, children will be able to fulfill their personal, educational and creative potential, enhance critical thinking and complete the tasks that the modern world sets for them with ease.

The educational process in our center is based on modern researches in the field of children's pedagogy and psychology, and also includes the best methods of development and authorings of our teachers. The use of the latest interactive technologies allows us to make each lesson eventful, outstanding and modern, as well as prepare children for the future in a better way.

At our job we strive to raise children who:

  • are able to learn independently throughout life;
  • know their strong points;
  • are flexible and adapt to changes easily;
  • think in a reflective and creative way, as well as know how to make responsible decisions with respect to others;
  • are responsible citizens of the society, and contribute to the public weal.

In this way, children will create not only the best version of themselves but also of society.